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Starting A Company


It takes about a day. We will talk with you about the best way to hold the shares so to achieve the greatest tax savings and provide asset protection.

A company can normally be formed within 24 hours.

Some advantages of operating a business through a company may include limited liability, name protection, taxation, continuity of existence and borrowing ability.

Structuring your business or rental property investment

The way you decide to trade can have a dramatic effect on the amount of tax you pay (or refund you receive) while you own your business or investment property and when you come to sell the amount of tax (if any) you will pay.

The main choices are a Sole Trader, Partnership, Company or Look through Company.

Each of these has different tax treatments and consequences. Asset protection is often an important consideration.

The Look through Company regime has opportunities when structured correctly.

We will discuss a lot of things with you including whether you have a partner and whether some of the income or loss can be attributed to them. Motor vehicles can provide good tax reduction opportunities when structured correctly.

It is prudent to undertake a regular review of your business from time to time. The old ways of doing things may now not be as tax effective.

Looking at becoming a Property Investor

Come and discuss this with us. In view of the current changes that are about to become law for landlords and with the current threat of capital gains tax to be implemented,  we already have the bright-line property rule.