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Starting a business? Who should you consult?

Starting a Business who should you Consult?So you want to start a business. Great! But before you do, there are people you should consult.

Your spouse/partner. As they’ll be hugely impacted by what you do, you really need them on board.

Other business owners. They’ve been through the uni of hard knocks. They can tell you what it’s really like and save you making the same mistakes.

The bank. Launching without funds is like diving without water.

An accountant. Someone who can explain the pros and cons of franchise, sole trader, partnership and company options. (We’ll cover these separately in future articles, as picking the wrong horse, or changing mid-race, is very bad news.)

It’s vital to sit down and talk things through. Don’t just think five months ahead, think five years.

Wise people seek advice. The wisest take it. What kind of business will you have?