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So you are looking for an accountant who you can understand and tells it like it is? That’s us. We are different. We give straight, honest, blunt, business and accounting advice!

You will understand our conversations, so why not come and see us. We are in central Palmerston North.

There is more to working with you than just doing your books. We must be able to relate to each other. It’s a two way street. That’s why we offer a free 30 minute or so “getting to know each other chat”. At the end of the chat we can both decide if we are the right fit for each other.

We can have the free chat in person, on skype or over the phone using our call free number 0800 89 41 77.

It’s important that we provide you with quality, timely, advice. As a Xero Gold Partner with Xero certified accountants we will provide you with the best service technology can offer.

Most people think changing accountants is just too hard, nothing could be easier. Like the bank ad says we will give you a dedicated switcher.

Lets have a free chat and make sure together we are the “right fit”. You have nothing to lose but a few minutes of your time.

Greg Wells

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Being in Retail can be tough!

The pressure on retailing has never been as intense as in the past five years. The challenges have been not only the global financial crisis, which has meant people are paying off debt rather than spending, but also online retailing. People can’t be blamed for buying online when prices can be significantly cheaper. Hallenstein Glasson, the listed retailer shares have dropped, after it issued a statement that its profit is forecast to drop 39% following a poor Christmas period. The company has a considerable presence on the web and it is understood that a considerable amount of its sales come from Australia.

Most people I know buy things on the web, and if you buy from overseas there is generally no 15% GST. Personally both Janice and I read books on our Kindle’s and it is so easy to download from They have
such a great marketing machine of following up – they make it really easy to take your money!

The Minister of Finance recently estimated that the lost GST is somewhere around $200 million per year.
All the big retailers offer 24/7 shopping online.